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Breathe Easier – Live Better

The Vibralung Acoustical Percussor:

Uses gentle sound waves to clear the lungs
Highly effective mucus clearance
Mobilize secretions with oscillatory sound waves

Easier to cough out and expel mucus

Quick customized treatments
    – 15 minutes or less
Safe, gentle, and comfortable
Pain-free and drug-free

Minimal patient effort

Lightweight and compact for portability
Restore indepe
ndent activities
Improve self-reliance


 Linda's Story
Channel 7 Denver News 

For patients with*:

COVID-19 induced pneumonia

COPD – Bronchiectasis

Asthma – Chronic Bronchitis

Pneumonia – Cystic Fibrosis

Neuromuscular Respiratory Disease

Talk to your doctor about Vibralung

Talk to your doctor today -


for better breathing!

*FDA cleared indications

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