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The Vibralung Acoustical Percussor is a prescribed medical device

The Vibralung airway clearance device is a proprietary technology and is the first of it's class! Due to this, we are working deligently with DMEPDAC to get a code to easily pre-authorize and bill the Vibralung device. In the meanwhile, claims are being honored by more and more insurance companies. Please be patient with us as we try to best serve you.


Insurance coverage

Since the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor is new on the market insurance companies are evaluating their coverage of the device on an individual basis.  More and more insurance companies are reimbursing for the device.  In some cases insurance coverage is denied intially but then later covered after an appeal documenting medical necessity.  Please download both forms and take them to your healthcare provider.


Our staff has direct experience in the submission of authorizations and claims with a wide range of health insurance companies and programs.


Our Customer Care, Clinical and Reimbursement Departments are ready to assist throughout the process by working efficiently and confidentially with your doctor, your health insurance plan, and most importantly you.

Medicare/Medicaid coverage

We do not yet have Medicare or Medicaid coverage.  We do offer a income-based Patient Financial Assistance program as these patients are cash or private pay.  Please call us for more information.  You will only need to download the Prescription Rx package. 

Submitting your prescription
A prescription from your doctor or medical profession is required for purchase of the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor. You or your medical professional will need to fax the prescription, medical history (clinical notes) and insurance information to:



Contact us:  800-889-5231

Fax: 888-856-8206



Once received, we will call your insurance plan or program to understand the requirements of your specific plan and benefit level and then compile specific information from you and your doctor’s office required by the insurance plan or program for authorization and/or claims submission.  Next we will submit all required documentation to your insurance company or program on your behalf, including documentation needed by any secondary insurance programs.

We then communicate with you any estimated personal financial responsibility beyond what your insurance company will cover.

We promptly inform you of the status of authorizations, claim payment, and approval or denial decisions.  If denied, we assess and support options for claim appeals.


We offer our Customer Assistance Program or payment plans for individuals who qualify in cases of financial need.


Vibralung delivery

We call you to make arrangements for your acceptance of the Vibralung and, upon that, ship it directly to your front door!


Let us help

Understanding and navigating the payment process from an insurance company or health care program can be complicated and daunting- that's why we are here to help! It is important to know that coverage criteria and requested documentation differ depending on each patient’s medical condition and insurance plan. We understand the many different requirements – and the process. Let our highly experienced staff assist with the details.


     Sales and Support:  800-889-5231  (toll free)



     Warranty and Product Help: 800-889-5231  (toll free)

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