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Here is what patients and healthcare professionals have to say about the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor.

Cystic fibrosis


I have been using the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor approximately two and a half weeks now. Without question, the #VibraLung is far superior to any other instrument (The Vest, Flutter, etc.) or airway clearance method (CPT, autogenic drainage, etc.) I have tried in my thirty-three years as a cystic fibrosis patient.

I have been VERY blessed with great health overall but my FEV1 started dipping in 2013. Intravenous antibiotics, intense airway treatment and exercise did little to improve my lung function and I found myself hospitalized for exacerbations frequently. My health care team attributed it to aging (a good thing!) but I was convinced I had secretions lodged deep in my lungs, unable to be cleared.

The first time I tried the Vibralung in clinic, it managed to reach my deepest alveoli which had never been penetrated before. To a healthy person, the best way to explain it might be to say my lungs were very itchy but nothing had managed to scratch them until the Vibralung. Since using it regularly, my sputum production has increased dramatically and my peak flow numbers were raising. On Monday at clinic, my FEV1 was back to where I left it in 2013 (see photo)! I'm so thankful!


Caitlin C



I am a 65 year old with scarred lungs from 19 pneumonias and am asthmatic.


When I started with my Vibralung Acoustical Percussor my usual O2 saturation was 93-96 (usually near 94), and now it is 95-97 (usually 97) in Denver. I don’t use oxygen during the day but I do use 2 liters at night.


In the mountains (Estes Park) my O2 saturation was 82% and I had to run oxygen at 3-4 liters 24 hours a day to get to 94%. After using the Vibralung 3 times per day, I have no need for O2 70% of the day and only at 2 liters the remaining part of the day. I continue to use O2 at 2 liters at night.


After using the Vibralung for a month and one-half we went up to Trail Ridge Road (11,400 feet in elevation) and I didn’t have to use any O2 on the way up or for some time at the top. When I did it was only at 3 liters whereas before the Vibralung I needed O2 at 5 liters.


After a bad asthma attack I usually feel weak and sluggish for 1-3 days. After a recent massive attack, I used the Vibralung 3 times consecutively and felt normal within an hour and had NO delayed sluggishness.


I would never want to go back to not having my Vibralung.


Kathy C

Recovery from Pneumonia


Vibralung was fantastic in my recovery from Pneumonia.  I was sick for 6 days with a fever between 101 and 104.5 and had very little sleep or food to speak of.  On the 4th day of my illness, my doctor diagnosed me with Pneumonia.  I was on a variety of antibiotics and none of them did anything for my fever or lungs.  In fact, I had an allergic reaction to two of the three antibiotics.  That's when I used the Vibralung unit.  Within 1 hour after using the Vibralung unit my fever broke and my breathing was very calm and full. The sensation I had following the use of the device is much like after a vigorous physical workout. I continued to use the device twice a day for two days and I no longer needed any further intervention.  The technology is sound!


Greg R - Huntsville, AL

COPD and Congestive Heart Failure


I started using the Vibralung Acoustical Percussor for my COPD and it has worked incredibly well to improve my breathing.  Since regularly using the Vibralung, I no longer need the puffer inhaler, my blood oxygen saturation is in the mid 90's and I have not had any sinus or bronchitis infections.  I have had several sinus and bronchitis infections try to get started but they just can't do it since the Vibralung treatments keep everything moving so the infections don't have a chance to settle in and get worse.


However, the big surprise is how it also treats my Congestive Heart Failure.  By using the Random noise mode there is an immediate relief from the congestion buildup that puts pressure and stress on the heart.  When I have one of those nights when I can't lay down because it feels like I am suffocating, I will use the Vibralung on R2 for one or two treatments in a row.  By the end of the treatment most of the pressure is gone, then a few minutes after the treament I can actually lay down and go to sleep.  Now if I have any shortness of breath or pressure from the CHF during the day I will stop and do a Vibralung treatment and take care of the problem.  I am truly amazed at the incredible results that I have had with the Vibralung.


RD - Denver, CO


Respiratory Therapist - Helping Pneumonia Patients


I work in at a hospital in Washington State. We do not have an ICU and transfer all our patients who are not doing well. We began using the Vibralung a few weeks ago. All 3 patients were in danger of being transferred due to upper respiratory infections or worsening pneumonia. 2 out of 3 of those patients were discharge to home within 48 hours of starting the Vibralung. They made remarkable progress and loved the way they felt after using it.


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